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Well, as a matter of fact our problems appear when we are relaxed and expected nothing could happen.

But at that very moment we might get in the trouble. Seems like the environment and everything around play against us. Very often people are not able to find reasonable explanations to what has happened. We tend to call it “bad luck”.

There is a cycle in our brain functionality so called self-controlling or maximum of activity.

Long time experimental observations determined kind of attention activity schedule and its periodicity. Our monitoring clearly shows that attention activity gradually goes up to its peak and then sharply goes down to its minimum point, after that the cycle repeats again and again.

When sharpness of attention is down we might get into various negative situations. There are few typical examples of our behavior in such moments.

Leaving our house in the morning we might forget to take money or personal belongs or to forget turning off the light or closing the tap. We might stumble not having noticed any obstacles.

Observations show above behavior during the days of “minimum” attention activity following after peak of our attention.

People wonder how they managed to succeed those days and call it “lucky” days.

Having knew days of minimum attention activity better not to plan important and responsible deals because your reaction will depend on your health and well-being.

Forewarned is forearmed!

People might easily avoid many problems if they put self controlling in force during days when attention goes down, it was proved by experience.

Again “bad luck” means that being relaxed people were not careful enough in certain days of minimum attention activity.

Keep your eyes open and your "bad luck" will pass by.